Sunday, February 19, 2006

"When you burp men think it's cute, when you throw up, they want to hold your hair back."
- The Truth About Cats and Dogs

I have been specifically requested to write the full account of what happened in 3. as stated in an earlier entry... so here goes!

I was heading for the Zouk bathroom to throw up but failed and ended up throwing up on the stairs. A guy behind me asks, "Are you all right? Come on, I'll take you to the sinks." He took me to the sink, I take a look at him and the following ensues:
Me: Hey, you're from the 9th floor, right?
Him: No, 12th floor, my name's XXX.
Me: Oh! So you're him! I've heard of you.
Him: And yourself?
Me: Hang on. (throw up some more) I'm from the 13th floor, blah department.
Him: Your name?
Me: (puts up hand to ask him to wait and then I throw up again) ABC.

Yes. I was picked up at a company party, and while I was throwing up. Went from tak glam to f***ing hilarious just like that.

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