Saturday, June 16, 2007

One + One (aka James Zabiela and Nic Faciulli) were pretty good last night. For those not in the know (and I wasn't until after the set), One + One have been touted as the next Sasha & Digweed.

I'm most definitely a JZ fan and was very much looking forward to this night and it seems that everything fell into place so that I could go. I was supposed to go off for a short break with a friend this weekend, but thanks to an eye infection, that trip has now been postponed.

The one bad thing though - the gig was being held at the Ministry of Sound. I know some people may consider me biased given that I'm a Zouk member, but, honestly, MoS doesn't even come close to how Zouk makes me feel on a great DJ night. It's nothing to do with the having to queue or even the more expensive and weaker drinks. It's just that the crowd sucks, and the sound system seems specially designed to deafen and sicken you.

In any case, given the calibre of the DJs, I decided to suck it up and go. Nic kicked off around 12.30 am, starting out with some tech house, a sound he usually doesn't play according to a knowledgeable clubbing pal of mine. James was up next, and true to his trademark style, parts of James' hour was marked by scratching. The next two hours was when it got really good - James and Nic, back-to-back. The two most definitely looked like they were having fun, even if parts of the crowd seemed utterly drunk, clueless or just groupie-like (James is a very pretty boy). It got to such an extent that after the set ended, my friend told Nic that when One + One return, they should play at Zouk instead. Heh.

While I did enjoy the music though, and managed to drink just enough to have fun clowning around with MoS's Red Ice, I'm afraid my general stressed out state from work contributed to my high level of intolerance that night, thereby making me extremely short with anything that annoyed me. At the moment, I work late three nights out of five and it didn't use to get to me that much a year or two ago, but it's definitely not something I'm coping better than okay with. Add to that a slight insomnia problem, and you've most definitely not got a happy camper. So yes, I was incredibly disdainful towards the crowd, and unfortunately, also towards a friend of mine. I really hate repeating myself, and when you're in a club, it's not something which is avoiding, but... well, I did get kind of snippy after a while. My apologies.

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