Saturday, September 08, 2007

My last day of eye medication, as instructed by the doctor, was on Monday, September 4. I was hoping that the headaches would go away soon after that, but acknowledged that by the time Monday rolled around, I was around going 24 hours between eye drops with not much alleviation on the headache front.

Aside from that, I also acknowledged that three months straight on steroid eye drops (albeit different types), even with eye pressure monitoring every few weeks, couldn't possibly have been that great on my eye, and that my eye might take some time to recover from the medication itself, and that even if the infection were still there (and I hope not), I would not be willing to go back onto any medication for quite some time.

So it is, five days after stopping the medication, that I still have a slight pain above my eye. That pain feds down into the side next to my nose, and also my upper jaw. I have also learnt today, after getting more sleep than I usually get during the week, that sleeping for too long makes it hurt worse. I was somewhat relieved to find that standing up relieved the pain somewhat, but still, I am kind of worried that the pain hasn't gone away yet.

If you're wondering why I haven't gone back to see my eye doctor, it's because he's gone on vacation and will only be back next Monday. I am making an appointment to see him then, and the reason why I do not want to see someone different now is because he has the records of what he's been trying to do with my eye, and hence, it'd be more convenient because he has a sort of track record for the week I'd seen him.

But that Monday does seem very far away, and I really hope my eye is all right.

At this point, I will freely admit that I am a bit of a hypochondriac, but it is my eye, after all, and it's not at all easy to observe what's going on there.

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