Sunday, September 23, 2007

One of the reasons why I like Television Without Pity so much is because of the recappers' ability to capture what it is about any one episode that really touches me. Take, for instance, the most recently posted recap of Episode 2.05 Bring the Pain of Grey's Anatomy, where Meredith gives her "Pick Me. Choose Me. Love Me." speech, one of the most famous monologues from GA.

Some people hated that scene because they felt it made Meredith out to be needy, and didn't like that she was begging Derek to pick her even after all he put her through. But those people clearly missed the whole point of that scene. That's what happens when you fall so deeply in love with someone who doesn't - or can't - love you in the same way, and it's so incredibly painful being with them... but it's even more painful being without them that you beg them to stay anyway even as your own heart is breaking.

As Lauren S, the recapper, puts it:
It still hurts to watch this scene and I don't care how much protesting you do, you've either said or thought this with your heart breaking. If you haven't, and you can hold firm that this scene was awful and degrading and unnecessary, then just remember that when you get your heart thoroughly broken for the first time. It's what made the scene so awful, but which also made it so good: It was horrifically, completely, realistically painful.
On a somewhat related note, Season 3 of GA begins this Thursday in the US, and I am really looking forward to sating my GA fix via TWoP.

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