Friday, January 30, 2009

This weekend is Winter Wanders weekend staged by Walk London, an organisation dedicated to promoting walking as a way of life. There will be around 40 free guided walks throughout London covering central and outer London [via the International Herald Tribune Globespotters blog].

I have narrowed my list of walks down to 6.5 mile walk covering Tower Hill to Greenwich (a special walk entitled "Exploring Seafaring London") or the 5 mile walk covering Tower Hill to Island Garden (guided by the Chairman of the River Thames Society).

Coming on the back of my returning to my dance class (at a more advanced level too) and 2 hours 15 minutes of aerobics at the Time Out and YMCA Legwarmers and Lycra event yesterday ("a celebration of 40 years of aerobics exercise") involving one particular insane-in-an-awesome-feel-the-burn kind of way class called T-BOW and a brief boxercise workout which reminded me why I liked it so much when I went for it pre-university days, this is shaping up to be a rather healthy week for me... not including the slices of Chocolate Raspberry Hazelnut cake and Boston Brownie from Konditor & Cook earlier this week of course.

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