Friday, April 24, 2009

I didn't ever quite envisage myself being in a position very similar to something I was in two years ago. There are some differences of course - two years ago, I was in that position because I actively went out looking for it, whereas, this time around, I was forcibly pushed! I've been running around all week, meeting up with people far more knowledgeable than myself in order to get feedback and comments, and, then, of course, there's Singapore Day tomorrow which I'm volunteering at, so I suspect I'll only be able to consider my options thoroughly and objectively on Sunday. Right now, I know which one I'm leaning towards, but I'm worried that I'm so excited and blinded by enthusiasm that I'm not seeing any of the alarming bits.

I know I'm in an enviable position right now. I just hate that I'll end up potentially screwing over the one which I don't choose, although a lot of people have said not to worry about that because they wouldn't even think about me for a second if they had to do the same to me, as proven by events over the last few months!


Fat Les said...

Put everything to one side- have a brill Singapore day!

Little Miss Random said...

Thanks! It was better than I expected, and I had great fun volunteering. I didn't realise eating so much would be so tiring!