Sunday, November 29, 2009

All right, I'll admit my reaction in the previous post was probably just a little over-the-top. Just a little. Heh. It's just the way I am. I'm not great when it comes to talking about feelings and stuff like that, even if the response I got wasn't the negative response I was partly expecting.

While the issue with CG has been driving me slightly bonkers for a while, I don't think I would have broached the topic if it weren't for a fairly obvious signal that there was definitely some interest on his part. And I'm really glad I went down my usual path of doing this verbally, as opposed to my friend who kept on going "snog him, snog him!" the whole night long. A snippet of our conversation follows:

Me: Assuming I go down your road - and I am not going to - what happens if he's not interested?
Friend: He's got no choice! You'll be kissing him.
Me: No choice?
Friend: What guy in his right mind wouldn't respond to a gorgeous girl kissing him?
Me: Er... that's not quite the point, is it?

In any case, no, I didn't take her advice and just attack him. But, in any case, he is interested in me, but, as I figured, he really wants to focus on work right now. Fair enough. He doesn't mind having a little fun, whatever that means (no offence to him, just that I'm well aware that my interpretations and the actual meaning may be quite some distance apart), but can't promise anything more. Again, fair enough. I completely understand and respect that.

Doesn't mean I'm not a little disappointed, but, hey, c'est la vie, n'est pas?

There is a silver lining to this slightly strange situation though. At least I know my radar's not completely wonky. I haven't been entirely certain of my judgement in a while because of everything that happened with MD, and, at least now, I've got some validation that I'm not completely off!

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