Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It’s been a bit of a strange week so far… but in a good way! I managed to get myself an invite to the Paramount Bar in Centre Point on Monday and got to see one of the best views in London. I swear, you will never be able to get yourself access to a building of that height in West London. And the British Museum looked wonderful from up there too.

At that event, I ended up making the acquaintance of someone who’s working in a profession rather close to my heart (and who was so thrilled that I’d heard of his work and could name the place where I had come across it that he offered to help me out next time I’m going to that venue). And to top that off, though he has no understanding of what it is I do, it turns out a family member of his works in the same field as I do but in a much more senior position. It’s very unusual for me – and I’m willing to bet, for him as well – to run into someone who somehow manages to overlap both my personal and professional interests, so to speak.

And yesterday evening, I got home to find that the DVLA had returned my passport, and that I should expect to receive my provisional driving license within ten days. I’m well impressed given that I’d been living in a state of fear ever since sending the only authorised form of identification I possess off to them just last week to be subjected to the whims of Royal Mail and the British Civil Service.

Time to buy the theory books!

Goals #2, #3 and #5 are off to a good start!

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