Monday, July 05, 2010

Every World Cup is an unpredictable one. This one, though, has had a lot more upsets than anyone expected, most notably Argentina crashing out 4-0 to Germany yesterday.

I prefer South American teams - maybe I just like that they have dance in their blood - and it's been an upsetting few days, watching the samba boys (in spite of their boring style) and tangueros crash out unexpectedly. And seeing as integrity is one of the qualities I value the most, the fact that Uruguay will now be considered the best team in South America, after that thoroughly despicable handball by Suarez which denied Ghana, adds to my general unhappiness with this tournament.

To be fair, if I were in Suarez's shoes, I would have done exactly the same thing. Also, given the limited time he had to react, it's very possible it may just have been instinctive. But if it wasn't, while It may go against the spirit of sportsmanship, the goal of football is to win, after all, and if I had to sacrifice myself to prevent a certain goal, so that my team had even just a 1% chance of saving the penalty, I'd do it. As P. said, Gyan wouldn't have been able to convert it anyone even if the keeper hadn't been there.

Before the tournament started, I'd gone for Spain to win. I'm not so sure now. Based on their semi-final opponents' form, not to mention Spain's generally boring play throughout the World Cup, Germany should slaughter them. Barring any more upsets - and Spain winning would be an upset, believe you, me - we should saw a repeat of the 1974 World Cup Final which saw the favourites Holland lose to Germany. Again, based on form, it's hard to see anything other than Germany winning a fourth World Cup title!

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