Saturday, January 29, 2011

January Bargains, Part II

At the risk of sounding like a total shopaholic, I'm going to add to the list of bargains I've managed to nab myself this January. I recently discovered Chie Mihara via an old post on Domestic Sluttery and wanted to get myself a pair so as to test out exactly how comfortable the shoes were. I'm not that tall, and I like wearing heels, and sometimes do so for hours on end, only to pay for it with backaches and kneeaches the day after. Fans of the brand, however, said this was not the case with Chie Mihara.

Unfortunately, given their usual high price tag and comments on their sizing, I wasn't exactly keen to fork out close to £100 (at 50% off) if that would mean ending up with a pair of shoes that didn't fit me and had to be returned at my own expense. So, it was somewhat fortuitous that I managed to find a pair of Kiliam T-bar sandals when I ventured to The Store Rooms' closing down sale today. They were the only pair left and they were in my size.

I couldn't believe it.

I have the most common shoe size in the UK so why on earth would these be here? I tried them on, and it fit, and, given that they were less than 30% of their usual price, I bought them.

Aren't they lovely? I'm thinking they're more classic, given that they're tan and gold, and even a little fitting with the 1970s trend that's meant to be this season or something like that.

Hmm. Maybe these can be one of the new items I can wear for Chinese New Year next week, assuming the weather gets a little warmer. I think it's way too cold right now to be wearing leggings or tights!

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