Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Six Inch Rule

When it comes to dating, I have something I like to call "The Six Inch Rule".

No, it's got nothing to do with that, you dirty-minded pervs.

Ideally, any guy I date should be six inches taller than I am because that's the perfect height for resting my head on his shoulder, whether we're sitting or standing. And I like that feeling, the sensation that comes of being wrapped in a guy's arms and listening to the strong, reassuring thump of his heart beat. It makes me feel safe, secure and protected. Like I can just shut my eyes, tune everything out, and just relax for those few moments before heading back out and facing the big bad world out there.

I suppose, yes, that would make me a bit of a height-ist.

But I wouldn't turn someone down simply because of his height if the chemistry was there.

On a more superficial note, it would kill me to not be able to wear heels just because I'm going out with someone who I feel I'd tower over when I choose to wear my three inch heels!

For a more serious debate on this issue, you should go on over to The Single Filez's post on whether height matters. I discovered her via Twitter last week when she Tweeted about the same subject, just hours after I got home from a date with someone just four inches taller than I am!

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The Single Filez said...

Nice post. I'm the same. I like to wear heels. Not all of the time, but definitely on special occasions.

In my ideal world, I'd like a guy to be at least a couple of inches taller than me wearing heels. Which would mean in flats he'd be approx six inches taller... would you look at that, we've both got the six inch thing going on!