Monday, February 14, 2011

Wit and wisdom... or maybe just wit

M.: Booze is very expensive in Singapore
Me: No, it's not, you just don't know where to go. I'd tell you, but that would render those places terminally uncool.

And later, after my Glee ticket was delivered to me:
Me: I'm four rows from the front, where I'll be sitting with people half my age.
M. (who is older than I am by quite a few years and also loves Glee): Are you going to be embarrassed if you bump into me there?
Me: Nope, I'd say we should go grab some beers... We'd probably be the only ones who can drink there.


Michelle said...

What cool cred is needed to find cheap booze in Singapore??? It's in any kopitiam!

Little Miss Random said...

That's true if you're a beer drinker (which M. is, although I don't think he quite likes warm places with no air-conditioning).

I, on the other hand, really do not like beer other than the really girly ones and I don't think my local kopitiam stocks those or the slices of lime.

Little Miss Random said...

I probably should also have added that M. stands for Manager. My considerably older manager to be exact!