Monday, May 02, 2011

Only in Shoreditch...

Only in a small club in Shoreditch can one find oneself going up to a pair of men in pale suits (one blond, one black-haired), asking, heart pounding, "Excuse me, are you 2manydjs?" and, finding out that, yes, one of them - the black-haired one - is indeed half of 2manydjs (1djenough?), go, "I love you!"

Only in Shoreditch can that same half of 2manydjs - David Dewaele - say, "I love you too!" and shake my hand.

Only in Shoreditch can I find myself upstairs hours later, start chatting to the blond suit, and apologise for interrupting his conversation with David. After 12 minutes or so of conversation, I discover that he is in a band (Das Pop) and will be touring Europe in the summer.

I apologise for causing any offence for not knowing his band. He smiles and says not to worry. I clarify that he makes pop music in the sense of possibly indie, Scandinavian poppy music and not Britney. I then say that I will not be around in the summer, but hopefully will be able to catch them soon. He says he hopes so too.

Only upon my return home, and a few hours of sleep later, do I stumble out of bed, get online and Google, and realise that that the band has had a song used on Gossip Girl, and that the guy I was talking to is the lead singer.

I roll off my sofa, staggering into my coffee table in the process and realise that I am still rather drunk from the night before.

I laugh in delight and embarrassment at my antics the night before and go off in search of sustenance, half-cursing my propensity to wake up before 9.30 am under almost all circumstances.

Only in Shoreditch, baby.

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