Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Wedding Preparation Blues

No, not because of that tiny affair which took place last week... but because my best friends, as it turns out, are a tad disorganised.

I'm the maid of honour, along with the bride's sister, although it's been acknowledged that I'm the one most likely to make a difference because I just power through everything. I've been asked to sort out the wedding music, including the march-in music (or whatever it's called), which freaked me out just a little. I'm not entirely sure what kind of music the two of them like, and, I'm pretty sure one of them listens to Chinese music, which is definitely not my forte.

I'm also in charge of coming up with the bridal games and trying to get people to drink. Me. A complete and utter lightweight, though better than the two of them combined, as I found out one fine night when I asked, "so much did you three drink, given that all of you are on holiday?" Response: "One third of a bottle of wine." Me: "Oh, that's not bad." Them: "In total."

I also have to sort out my own dress. Damn.

Also, as it turns out, there is no best man. So the groom has decided I will also be the best (wo)man. And he's only just told me this, despite the wedding being a few weeks away.

A great honour, yes? These two are among my best friends in the entire world, and I get to play a really important part in their wedding despite being over 6,000 miles away.

But... that means I have to do the best man's speech! Argh! Speeches scare me. I think they scare everyone. I've done them twice before, yes, and done them well, and with less than two hours' notice, but... ERK!

Yes. Just a tad disorganised.

So, maid of honour, best (wo)man, stag-do and hen-do organiser, wedding DJ, toastmaster... basically yat keok tek!

I don't mind, really. I don't. I love them to bits. But I'm terrified that I might end up ruining their big day!

Though, fine, after that wedding, I would very much like a best man with whom I could flirt.

In all seriousness though, any suggestions or guidance would be very much appreciated!

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