Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not the kind who celebrates Valentine's Day in a big way. I might have been in my 20s, but not now. Anyway, an ex-boyfriend broke up with me two days after Valentine's, and, until this year, I've never celebrated a Valentine's properly with a boyfriend, so... yeah, you get the picture.

This year, I've been surprised with some really thoughtful gifts, a bouquet of both of my favourite flowers (red roses and sunflowers, not flowers you usually ever see together) and two books: Simon Garfield - Just My Type (about fonts) and Mark Forsyth - The Etymologicon (a book which is guaranteed to render me even more insufferable when it comes to words than I am already).

And, now, the boyfriend's cooking dinner and letting me chill (mostly because my back hurts like nothing else on this planet).

This time last week, I posed a question: would I rather be in a decent, boring job and still trying to date, or would I rather be where I am now, jobless and job-hunting in a tough economy, but with a wonderful boyfriend? I honestly couldn't say, because the latter would only work out if we end up being together for the long-term.

Today, however, I'm really happy with the latter option. Even in the midst of a long stretch of darkness, there can be a little spark which, while fleeting, is just enough.

For the rest of you, I hope you're having a great day no matter what you're doing.


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