Friday, November 11, 2005

"SPGs! I hate them!" My friend growled as an ang moh man walked through the entrance of the pub we were at with an Oriental girl holding his hand.

If I were to go out with an ang moh, would you call me an SPG as well?

Unequivocally, he answered, "Yes. And that's because you're not giving local guys a chance."

But why? What if that's not the case and it's more that I'm sick and tired of local guys. You know full well that each and every guy I've gone out with since I graduated has been a local, and each time, I've gotten my heart broken for some shitty reason.

"And you think ang mohs wouldn't break your heart?"

No, just that at least with them, I know what to expect. And face it, local guys are incredibly unromantic. The last few guys I've gone out with? Not one of them even bothered to buy me anything. And I'm not that hard to buy for. A single red rose can make me happy. In fact, the last time I received flowers was for Christmas last year, and that was sent by my ex-boyfriend in London and he is an ang moh. We broke up so long ago, and still, he sends me flowers. And, might I add, I've bought all of my dates - the serious ones - at least something.

"Well, yeah... we locals do suck at romantic gestures, I'll admit that."

See? I mean, if I have to have my heart broken, I'd rather go out with them because they'll treat me right. When I'm with them, they'll treat me as someone who matters, as someone they care for, even if it's all just a sham because they're all smooth, slick bastards.

And what about if I go out and date an ang moh and then return to dating locals? Would that still make me an SPG?

"Actually, I'd never consider you an SPG. I know you. You're not the kind to go exclusively after white guys, and even if you date a whole string of them, it's not just because they're white."


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