Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's been a bit of a strange weekend, I'll admit. After the ninth date in six months with CG (if they can even be called dates, because some people define a date as having the presence of romantic intent which both parties are aware of, whereas I pretty much define them as a meeting between two people who may or may not be attracted to each other and are finding out more abou the other person), I went over to a friend's place to hang out prior to going to what promised to be a wild and debauched party.

Of course, us being the girly girls that we are, we absolutely had to discuss what happened on Friday night/Saturday morning. She's also the only one of my friends to have met CG, and she seems to think he's nice, which is always a good thing. Of course, all of my friends thought MD was nice, and look what happened there. In any case, she thought that everything seemed incredibly romantic and date-like and that there was a high possibility that he was just very English and shy, even after I pointed out that a shy boy does not take his guitar and sing for someone. He could just like his guitar (yes, he does), but... yeah. I don't know. I'm half of the opinion that he's not interested - even if he does keep hanging out, and always ending every date with a 'let me know if there're any other movies you'd like to watch' - and half of the view that he is, because... well, why would he keep hanging out? It does remind me of the time I told one of my ex-es - before we started going out - that I wouldn't mind hanging out with him even if there wasn't a movie involved, i.e. my way of telling him, yes, I like you too, so don't be afraid to ask.

My friend, being the great purveyor of advice that she is, just said: Do you like him? Yes? Then just kiss him! You'll only be embarrassed for like five seconds anyway.

Uh-huh. I don't quite think so, honey. 

Thankfully, she quickly realised the error of her ways, and concluded that, yes, it's a little difficult for me to figure it out. She also acknowledged my hesitation regarding the fact that he's just about to start work, something that scares the crap out of me even if I may just have fallen for him just that little bit more.

So, I decided to just do my best to forget about him at the party. Naturally, that meant loads of alcohol and meeting loads of people.

We arrived at just after 9.30 pm and ended up leaving close to 4 am. Mission accomplished... of sorts. After I saw my friend to her cab, I decided to walk home, partly because it was nearby, and also because I'd been trying to avoid this guy who I knew was hitting on me by excusing myself from the party on the pretext that I was just seeing my friend to her cab. It's not that he's bad-looking, but I just wasn't in the mood.

Instead, he offered to walk me back, as he also lived in the area, and, because of the incredible amount I'd drunk, found myself being bundled into the building where he lived, though not in a criminal or violent way.

After showing me his flat, he kissed me. I'll admit I kissed back, but I stopped and just said I wanted to go home. And, honestly, yes, I was thinking about CG, and it just felt a little too weird for me. I told him that we could meet up for breakfast in the morning instead of the alternative he was clearly proposing, but he kept trying to persuade me to 'enjoy ourselves here and now'. 

And, because I have an incredibly strong survival instinct even when drunk (though it doesn't always kick in as there have been times when I've been too drunk for it to work, although I think - hope! - those times are long gone), I told him firmly that I wasn't that kind of girl. He took offence, asking if I thought he was that kind of guy, and if I did, then I could leave.

So I bailed. I'm sorry, but no decent guy would ever guilt a girl into staying when she's clearly expressed a wish to leave. I may have kissed him back, but, still, I said what I said, and that should have been respected. 

I'd still give the guy a chance if he wanted to meet up when we're both sober. I don't think he's necessarily a bad person, just... European.

Given this, I guess I'm very grateful that CG's so very English. I'd take that over decadent European any day. If only there was a reliable guide to interpreting the English...

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