Sunday, December 19, 2010

If a guy calls me "really cool" and follows that up with "I would like to [have drinks with you] again", does that mean that he may be interested in me as more than just friends? I'm getting so bad at this. I just wouldn't call someone I'm interested in cool. I'd usually say I had fun.

Anyway, saw CG yesterday, and I think I may actually be more than a little over him. He's still cool (heh) and nice and all, but I didn't get that crazy butterflies in my stomach feeling after he left. Fingers crossed that this will last!

And, in spite of a horrible time at work recently (in a nutshell, great uncertainty over the scope of my job, coupled with a company-wide overall pay reduction at a time when taxes, etc. are increasing), I'm just happy about 2010. It's been a great year - most notably in the last few weeks - and I've got so many stories to tell, things that make me feel as if I am genuinely interesting person who's out there living life instead of watching it.

And I'm also glad that I finally got the Before Sunrise-esque moment I've apparently been wanting ever since I started travelling a decade ago. I don't believe in destiny or fate, but I'll admit that it has been quite the coincidence that my general forgetfulness regarding checking in online has ultimately resulted in the most expensive and longest date of my life to date.

Bring on 2011! I have new goals - and some old ones from 2010 - that I want to tick off, and I'll write about them in due course.

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