Sunday, August 07, 2011

Expect the unexpected

I am, apparently, going to be leading the London office of my company. That's because I am experienced, likeable, articulate and intelligent. I certainly didn't expect that.

I also didn't expect to be warned, in a manner of speaking, about the eccentricities of my boss, as well as his paranoid and controlling tendencies.

So, what I have is a role that seems to offer me a tremendous opportunity to grow and develop, but one in which I have to be incredibly mindful of office politics. I didn't think it was possible to have politics in an office that small, but I guess it goes to show you how little I know and how naive I can be.

And, lastly, I definitely didn't expect to have gone on what could be considered one incredibly extended date, and certainly not when I am so far away from home.

Both he and I have said that our meeting up shouldn't be considered dates, but, I suppose if one gets really technical, we really ought to call a spade a spade. After all, what do you call two people who like each other meeting up? And if you add in the lounging by the harbour and sipping champagne, sitting and watching the stars, catching an unexpected fireworks display and just chatting about every single thing, I suppose any rational person would say that they ought to be dates.

The problem is, I don't want them to be dates. I do like him, yes, and I do not want to, because there is a Major Dealbreaker involved which has nothing and everything to do with him. It is not something I can deal with, and it is not one which a little time can resolve. I would normally be more detailed, but, there is a small chance that he may read this, so that's why I am not expounding more about what his fatal flaw is.

So... Yes. I had a wonderful weekend and he is the nicest and most interesting guy out of all the ones I have met this year and... wouldn't you know it? F***ing Major Dealbreaker. Sigh.

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