Saturday, August 20, 2011

Help, I'm Falling...

I have been meaning, nay, needing to blog about this for a very long time now, but hadn't done so because a certain someone knew that I blogged. He has since told me that he doesn't read it out of respect for my privacy, so I will write somewhat openly and honestly about this a tad later when I have more time. Work, you see, has been killing me and my flat badly needs cleaning after having been empty for so long,

In the meantime though, let me point you to @missldaydream's post on what I am currently going through. I do not want to be at the stage I am at, and this is currently causing me a great deal of distress. I really want to put a stop to it, just draw myself back from the edge before it's too late, because, really, if I have been forewarned, and I know I cannot do this, it's better to put a stop to things now when the level of hurt that will be caused - on one, if not both sides - will be so much easier to deal with compared to when it's further down the line, right?

I really need to find someone or someones to distract me. And to just stop interacting with him all together, methinks, because, clearly, annoyingly, the distance and time difference have done nada to his ability to enthral me.

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