Saturday, May 14, 2011


It has been quite the week. Not only have my home improvement works for the year been completed, but I have also managed to line up a rather unusual date courtesy of experimenting on Doing Something. I've also had several conversations with colleagues and learnt how much they value me, which is always a nice thing to hear.

Best of all, I have managed to meet up with my soon-to-be new manager, gotten clarity on what I will be walking into once I start my new job, and gotten implicit blessing on my delayed start date and best wishes on my upcoming vacation. I was even told that I've got to go to a foam party while there! This really mattered to me as I'd been more than a little stressed out about how e-mails between the company and I had been going before I decided to just completely ignore them until late May.

I should have my hands full from day one, and there will be many opportunities for me to get really stuck into shaping the office, or so he tells me. I'm well aware that employers tend to oversell the role in an effort to get people in. I'm also aware that this is more prevalent at the senior levels, such as the level I'll be coming in at. But, and at the risk of jinxing this, I have a good feeling about this. I think I'm finally back to feeling as enthusiastic about this as I did when they first made me the offer!

On top of that, he mentioned they were going to expand into a new sector - the sector in which I am currently working and am rather sad to be moving away from given its dynamism and the fact that it's very much the in-thing right now, although I do recognise the skills and knowledge I will gain from the new sector are just as transferable and applicable to my current sector should the opportunity to return arise. I'd read about their plans but wasn't sure of the time-line. Apparently, it's sooner than I thought, and he's realised that I do like that sector, and he's mentioned that there could be an opportunity for me to return to it when the time comes.

I cannot describe just how much my heart jumped at that news. I really do love that particular sector after all, even though my desire to want to make the most of myself and really build something is stronger. Still, since our meeting, I've calmed down a little, and realised that perhaps it may be better for me to stay within a sector my new company is renowned for, rather than move into new, uncharted waters. After all, my main reason for choosing to move is to gain experience and build up my reputation. Still, the door remains open, and I can take the next few months to think about it.

So, yes, it sure looks like everything is finally falling into place. Well, almost everything! Still, c'est suffit pour maintenant. Poco a poco.

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