Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today was - dare I say it - the best day I've had since returning from Singapore. It didn't start out too well, as I was kept waiting for over half an hour at the travel clinic and ended up having to sprint to my Power Plate session which resulted in my legs almost collapsing under me as I did my warm-up sprints on the vibrating plate, but it went so well from there, I could scarcely believe it.

Following the session, I went back home to shower and discovered that - wonder of wonders - I have abs! Not just the usual abs with the two lines down the side, but the beginnings of a four/six-pack. And this, after only five sessions! Man, do they work fast. I'm really glad I invested in another six now.

After that, I picked up my order of M&S items matching with the amazing vintage-inspired slip I bought last week (aka lingerie), and they look wonderful. I'm pretty big on symmetry and matching items, so it's nice that I've got a set of really pretty frilly things which don't look at all as affordable as they were.

Then it was off to Wild & Wood for a much-needed cup of coffee. I've got plenty of coffee options around where I live but I just love the feel of Wild & Wood which is why I go down there so often. I gave in to temptation, ended up having a slice of carrot cake, and lo and behold, CG walked in.

I swear, this really wasn't planned. I know there's always a chance I'll run into him when I go there, but, still. I loved the coffee shop before I fell for him, so there's no way I'm giving that up.

Anyway, he came over to join me in my crowded nook. Turned out that he'd first come to W & W, then, upon finding it packed, went off to another two places which he found just as crowded, and returned just as I took the only vacant table left in W & W.

Anyway, after we finished coffee, cake and conversation, I ended up tagging along with him while he bought some stuff. I figured I'd leave once he finished with his purchases, seeing as he was going to grab a cab and all, what with all that he was carrying, but he asked if I wanted to come along on a free ride with him.

I still had time to spare, so why not?

So he showed me where he worked, which was incredibly cool. It's a part of London which is closed to the public, at least on weekends, and is very beautiful. I couldn't believe I used to study near a place like that and never knew it existed. Some of the buildings even had bomb damage from World War II, something I have never seen before, because I live in a part of London which is mostly reconstructed.

At this point, if it were any other person, I'd say it made for a fantastic date, instead of being what it really was, two friends - with no romantic potential whatsoever - spending a lazy Saturday afternoon together.

Anyway, following on from that, we moseyed on to the London Review of Books, which is one of the nicest bookstores in London, I've got to say. I went off in search of Jorge Luis Borges - Fictions, a book I wanted to bring to Argentina as I felt it was the most appropriate time to read it, and am happy to say that not only did I find it, but it turned out to be incredibly thin, so it wouldn't add much weight to my luggage. I knew I could get it cheaper on Amazon, but it was such a nice bookshop that I wanted to help support it. If I had all the money in the world, I'd probably blow it all trying to help each and every independent shop which existed.

But there was a moment when both he and I knocked books over as we somehow managed to bump into the display tables closest to us even though he and I were looking at shelves several metres apart. An inconsequential incident, yes, but one which made me want to shake my head wryly and say, "See, can't you see just how matched we are?" There's just this sense of serendipity and coincidence where we're concerned that it frustrates me just a little.

Then it was off to meet friends for dinner at the very affordable Myanmese restaurant Mandalay, and partook of some really nice wine from Tuscany, courtesy of someone who had just returned from there. And then, more wine at The Waterway which is one of the nicest bars I've been to in London. It even has a real fire!

To top things off, I met my friends' friends tonight, and they turned out to be nice people. I mean, I'm sure most people are nice, but I had lengthy conversations with each of them and was genuinely interested in getting to know them, which isn't something you usually get because you'd imagine your friends would be more interested in catching up with their friends seeing as they're one degree closer.

I guess the only downer on my night was when, on the way home, I got out my iPod so as to take my mind off CG (what can I say, he's just one of the most intelligent, music-savvy, gentlemanly people I know and that's unfortunately a deadly combination in my book). I switched to She & Him as I thought the jaunty In The Sun would take my mind off things. And it did. But the next song turned out to be the duo's cover of The Smiths - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want, which is most definitely the song which best encapsulates how I feel right now.

I figure that I'll probably get a lot of flak from rational people as to why I'm so hung up on CG. I can't help it. I'm fine when I'm with him. It's all just friendly, teasing and controlled. It's just that when we part, I just feel that deep yearning. Maybe it's just some crazy insane crush, because all crushes are painfully irrational, but... yeah. I don't know. I'll move on when I find someone new, I figure. And I'm doing my best on that front, but that will take time.

Still, in spite of this hiccup, it's been an incredibly nice day. Even the weather was better than expected, with sunshine and warm-ish weather prior to the slight drizzle in the evening. And... I have abs! Woo!

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